There is much choice and variety that you can get at a Brisbane Citroen dealership. Whether you are looking for utility vehicle or the top end of luxury, Citroen offers one of the widest collection of cars that can suit all needs and tastes. Buying from a Citroen dealership comes with various advantages such as auto-financing for your purchases, sales staff that is knowledgeable and friendly, top quality and genuine parts which will guarantee the longevity of your vehicle as well as well-trained and factory certified staff who know what they are doing and are likely to give you top end servicing on your vehicles. You can also find all kinds of Citroen models that you are shopping for including new models as well as the used models.

Some of the main models that you can find in a Citroen dealership include the following:

·         Citroen C3

·         Citroen C4

·         The Citroen C4 Picasso

·         DS4

·         DS3

·         DS3 Cabrio

·         Citroen C5

·         Citroen C5 Tourer

·         DS5

Here is a look at some of the top sellers:

Citroen C5 Brisbane Sales

This is one of the large Citroen models. It is equipped with lots of innovative technology and offers users incredible performance. Drivers can look forward to greater control, comfort as well as safety when driving the vehicle. It guarantees you a good deal of driver enjoyment. Buyers can choose this in both the tourer as well as saloon models. There are three computer networks which control almost every aspect of the Citroen C5 and you can look forward to an unforgettable driving experience in this vehicle.

Citroen DS5 Brisbane Sales

The Citroen DS5 assures you of an easy contemporary luxury. It has a flowing and sleek design along with some great depth in progressive technology. The car is designed with fresh detailing as well as top notch quality materials that make for a truly luxurious ride. Every feature of the DS5 exudes top elegance. It is built with aerodynamic sculpting with curved rooflines that merge into its sporty rear roof spoiler. The wheel has muscular arches and it comes with muscular alloy wheels. Buying this vehicle promises you good level of luxury along with a dynamic performance.

The interior of the car is simply impeccable. It is ultra spacious and highly sophisticated, filled with natural sunlight. Every part of the vehicle interior is impeccably finished with advanced techniques. The design exudes some soul. Buyers can choose from two main types of engines – the turbocharged 115kW petrol or the 120kW HDi turbo diesel. You will get refined power in this vehicle as well as some balance in driving.

The luxurious Citroen model is designed to allow for easy vehicle handling and you will comfortably manage sharp responses.

Whether it is the top notch performance or the quality styling, there are plenty of good reasons to love the Citroen models. In Brisbane, you can find the latest designs of new Citroen cars as well as used models in top condition at a Citroen dealership which also offers you many other service advantages. Check out HTTP://WWW.BRISBANECITYCITROEN.COM.AU/NEW-CAR-SHOWROOM for additional information.

Buying a car from a dealership is the safest way to source your car because it comes with full legal protection. However, before you settle for any Brisbane automotive dealership, you need to outline some qualities of reliable dealers. This is because many car dealers in the market are dodgy and can simply lure you with incentives only to give you a poor service and product.

Even after buying a car, anything can happen that requires support from the source of your car. In order to get a reliable Brisbane automotive dealer, you need to check whether the company follows a code of practice as required by the relevant trade bodies or government department. Only a company that observes a code of practice can give you all the information you need in addition to working closely with the laws governing the trade.

Thinking of buying your next car? The following are some of the secrets of reliable Brisbane automotive dealers.

1.   They are established and have an excellent reputation. If most people are talking good of it, chances are it offers good services and products. After reading reviews and digesting comments from previous customers, approach a car dealer that enjoys the highest rating in the market and the one with the most votes from local buyers.

2.   They have a trade association sign. Regardless of the type of vehicle you want to purchase, your supplier’s link with a recognized trade association is an indication that the company operates within the bounds of trade laws and observes a code of practice. If it has a sign, find out from the Trade association if the company is a member.

3.   They have their cars inspected. To offer the best services, a reliable Brisbane Peugeot company will have all cars inspected by an independent engineer before they are released to customers. The engineer, often from a reputable motor organization, checks and confirms that all parts of the vehicle are in order before they are sold.

4.   They provide inspection reports. Some companies may not give out the vehicle inspection report even to serious buyers. That happens especially if the report contains sticky areas that may affect the sale of the vehicle. However, if you deal with a reliable Brisbane Skoda company, you can be sure of getting the full inspection report of your preferred car. This will shed light as to whether the car is in a good condition to operate and what improvements you may make on it.

The Brisbane market offers various car dealerships. However, in order to get the best deal on your car in terms of functionality and pricing, you need to work with a reliable dealer that you can trust. For instance, buying from a reliable Brisbane Mitsubishi company enables you to access all the information you need in addition to enjoying maximum legal coverage, in case anything happens later. Some dealers may even provide special incentives to lure customers to their services.

When dealing with such suppliers, ensure the offer is worth the value and look at both sides of buying from a particular car dealer.

Are you the kind who hunts with the hound and runs with the hares? Probably, you love playing games with the cops and feel that either lasers or radars jammers is a dream come true to avoid them. If you secretly desire a cloaking device for your very own ‘batmobile’, here is a chance to scan some car gps navigation systems that may be useful. However, do look up the legality of uses in various states. In Virginia and Washington, it is not legal and a device called Spectre can detect it easily. However, do look at other ways to enjoy the ride.

car gps navigation

Speed is so thrilling

There is nothing like speeding down the super high way or the road where the driver is in full control. It is so therapeutic. However, there are always cops which can ruin the speed fun. That is why jammers are required. A driver can easily install the escort radar detector that can match the skills of driving the vehicle. There is a choice between the long-range and laser radars. These detectors have the most advanced technology and also HD for clarity in performance. The digital signal processor is equally good for driving anywhere in the world. Both laser and radar devices are superior in their performance. They have the capability to block false alarms and can update the safety camera database.

The radar can be sensitive to the speed of the vehicle. It will block any false alerts and is programed for a specific frequency. Feed the entire database into the memory, and it will store it. Next time you need to visit the same location, the database is readily available. It is definitely a useful part of thecar gps navigation systems.

Instructions for purchase

When a driver needs specific devices, it is best to know about a few legal guidelines and instructions for usage. For instance, if you are looking at laser jammers Marietta based, then find trained mechanics who will help to install it. A few companies are members of associations, which speak of their reputation.  If they are members, then they will offer only top quality products. They do the wiring and soldering of the jammers and can even customise them.

There are many radar jammers that have existed for several decades. Now with improvement, a driver can make the vehicle invisible to the cop. They were oversized then, as big as an oven toaster. However, they are sleeker in design now. Now it is quite easy for experts to go over to the ‘dark side’! Take a look at some of the laser jammers Atlanta based, to understand how you can do things legally, on a brighter note.

The principle of jamming radar is simple; once it is understood a lot can happen. However, for a driver who only wants a few car gps navigationsystems to bring a thrill in the ride, laser jamming devices can be fun. It is certainly not against the law to install it.

Aside from your house, your car may be the most expensive thing you will buy for yourself. Almost all of us, if not all of us, want to drive nice cars, but we have to manage our finances as well. With this, most of people reluctantly decide that a brand new car is impractical and an unnecessary expense. Mitsubishi sales Brisbane dealers, which offer both brand new and used cars, can attest to this as a large percentage of people who walk into their doors opt for used cars for practical reasons. While pre-owned cars fall short in terms of charisma, they are pretty tough to beat when it comes to financial practicality. Getting a hold of a late-model vehicle with low mileage can be a dream come true for bargain hunters. Pros of Buying Used Cars Buying used cars from Mitsubishi sales Brisbane dealers gives you a great opportunity to get the best available option for your buck. Many dealers in Brisbane offer used late-model cars that are half the price of a new one. They Also Come with Factory Warranty and Other Great Money-Saving Deals Also, pre-certified dealers offer programs with great warranty, which usually includes the remaining factory warranty of the vehicle and the chance to buy extended warranty. Practically speaking, late model vehicles with low mileage are almost brand new. If you’re one of the many clever people out there who trade in their car after a few years of use, then you will notice the difference between a used and a new car, as most new models will go more than 100,000 miles with very few mechanical issues. Mitsubishi sales Brisbane Buying a used car with 40,000 a mileage almost always means worry-free driving for another 60,000 or more miles. Also, some Mitsubishi Service Brisbane shops offer drive-train warranties that can cover expensive components of 200,000 miles drive train. They Can Be Really Cheap You can actually get a good car for a few thousands of dollars, even top brands like Mitsubishi. If you’re not afraid to hold the wrench and spend some time to do a little fixing yourself, then a used car will trim down your purchase cost. If you want to leave the fixing to the professionals, then you can take the used Mitsubishi to a dedicated Mitsubishi Servicing center. Cons of Buying Used Cars The Stigma of the Unknown Regardless of the warranties that come with used cars, there is the unknown reliability that puts a stigma to car buyers. Aside from its repair history records, we don’t have any idea what the vehicle has been through. We don’t know how its previous owner treated it, or the reason why it was traded. As a wise buyer, there is always the fear of purchasing someone else’s problem in buying second-hand products. The car may look fantastic from the outside, and the engine may sound well, but there are a lot of things to look out for in buying a used vehicle. You need to check the brakes, the transmission flushes, radiator, tires, etc. New vs. Used: Which One Should You Buy? Buying a car is a big financial decision, and choosing between new and used cars should be based on lots of factors. With this, you should be comfortable with your financing options, most importantly the long-term implications of your financial situation. Mitsubishi sales Brisbane agents suggest that, whatever your decision is, the car should meet your needs and has the amenities and features you want while driving. More importantly, you should feel safe about the vehicle’s reliability. If you want to see more new and used Mitsubishi car options, you can check out Toowong Mitsubishi. It’s the leading distinguished car dealer in Queensland. It has a wide selection of new cars, used cars, special deals and has some of the best Mitsubishi service Brisbane experts to help you in your needs. Check out

When the need of acquiring a car arises, whether new or used, it is a hope that one will get a fair deal. The market is flooded with car models from where one can make their choice. The car features are an important aspect to consider since they determine how comfortable you will be while using that car. Once you decide on the type and size of car that you want to purchase, an online research on the best dealer is important so as to select the fairest invoice price. For instance, Brisbane City Mitsubishi is a leading new Mitsubishi dealership. It’s reliable therefore in the provision of information in relation to the acquisition of a new Mitsubishi among other models. The company’s new Mitsubishi models include Lacer, Triton, Pajero among others.

Discussed below are some of the factors to consider before purchasing a car.

How much can you afford?

Before settling on any car model for purchasing, the first thing to consider is to determine the amount of money that you can afford for such a car. How much money are you left with after meeting your basic needs and paying off any outstanding loans? Therefore your budget should guide you on the amount that you can afford to set aside for the car. In a situation where you are weighing the option of leasing the car other than buying it, ensure that you are conversant with the lease terms of such a dealership. For instance, the Brisbane Mitsubishi dealership offers its clients financial assistance through car loans and leases.

Since lease terms can be confusing, ensure that you understand the amount that is to be apportioned to the principle and interest in every lease payment. On the list of the important things to consider is the availability as well as prices of the cars repair and spare parts. Therefore, the dealer you select should be able to satisfy this need. For instance, Brisbane City Mitsubishi service department is known for providing genuine and fairly priced spare parts not only for the Mitsubishi, but for other makes.

Locate your car

Having established the amount of money that you can afford, you can now comfortably search for your car. Being more flexible on the colour and model will enable you to have a wider range of cars from where you can choose from. Once you locate a car and its offer price, the next thing is to contact the dealer. It would be wise if you were able search for internet price quotes from a few dealers and compare their invoice prices before specializing on one.

 Once you have completed your research, and you are prepared to go to the dealership, make an appointment with the sales manager. It is important to note that, in case you want to buy a used Mitsubishi car, it would be advisable to purchase it from a reputable Brisbane Mitsubishi dealer. In addition, a test drive on the car that you have located is important and in case it’s a used one, have a mechanic review it to ensure that it’s in good condition.

If you are planning to purchase a vehicle, there are definitely quite a lot of decisions that you are faced with. Some of the things that you have to decide on include where and how to make the purchase. While it is always an achievement, buying a vehicle can on certain occasions prove to be rather tough. A lot of issues need to be considered to ensure that you get the best choice of vehicle. You will need to decide on whether to import Skyline or just to buy one from a local dealer and such like stuff.

Importing a vehicle is among the best ways of acquiring one. As complicated as it may seem, it is actually very easy and convenient, especially if the entire import process is handled by a reliable importing company. It is pretty beneficial to use the services of such companies in importing vehicles. Some of the associated advantages include:

  1. Experience

In this whole car import business, experience is a very important requirement. There are actually several transactions that are involved that need the expertise of an experienced individual to see to it that they go down smoothly. It is hence necessary that to import Mitsubishi, you contact a well-established company. This is given the fact that most of them are made up of highly experienced agents. With their experience, they will see to it that your vehicle is imported in the easiest and simplest way possible you will thus have very little to worry about. Check out Auto Project

  1. Convenient

Importing a vehicle generally involves several procedures. There are lots of paper work that need to be handled for the purchase to be successful. Without proper knowledge in the field, you are bound to find this tiring. This is another advantage of the importers. When you decide to import Elgrand, all you need to do is to inform them. They will take care of literally all the procedures that are involved. You will only need to wait for the delivery. Besides being pretty convenient, you will find that these importers will save you lots of time.

  1. Quality assurance

When you intend to import Skyline, quality is one of the key issues to look out for. Most of the car-importing companies have experts who ensure that the vehicle is of good quality and is in compliance with all the necessary stipulations. You therefore are assured of a high quality vehicle.

  1. Sourcing

One of the major problems that those who intend to import vehicles encounter is getting the right vehicle. This can be sorted out through the services of an importing company. When you would like to import Mazda RX7, you only need to inform them and they will locate it for you. This simplifies everything for the buyer making acquisition as easy as you could ever imagine.

As can be clearly seen, to import Skyline through an importing company is fast, easy and very convenient. You are also guaranteed the fact that you will get a vehicle that is of good quality. Visit

Many have opted to drive previous models of the Mitsubishi Lancer Brisbane stores present for a variety of reasons. With the new model out in the Australian market, there is no doubt it is going to be the next big hit on the road. The new model features next-generation upgrades that enhance convenience, performance and safety on the road.

Mitsubishi Lancer Brisbane
Mitsubishi Lancer Brisbane

Bold and Sleek Design

The design is bold yet sleek. People of various tastes will find a perfect Mitsubishi Lancer to drive. It is fast and precise with design and technology of sports heritage. Every driver behind the wheel will experience the thrill of the ride at high speeds. And yet, it maintained its refined and sleek features for a smooth safe ride.

The interior is spacious. The wide space and cleverly placed compartments in the interior allow for easy organisation of load and important things for the active or distance traveler. It is also spacious enough to contain five adults comfortably. The cargo area also provides ample load space with the 60/40 split folding rear seats. The rear floor can also be lowered to increase space through the Sportback.

Enhance Multimedia and Communication Features

Mitsubishi Lancer Brisbane selections bring to avid drivers the ride’s multi-communication system that boasts of multimedia features for entertainment and communication. The MMCS gives the driver control of the audio system, navigation system, DVD and other car functions at the fingertips. The MMCS provides a control system via the 7″ full color touch screen in-dash. For the ultimate ride, customised features can be added including iPod connectivity, wiper speed, and dusk-sensing headlight sensitivity among others.

Many road accidents are accounted to use of cellular phones while driving. Now, you can talk hands-free with the blue tooth connectivity added feature of the Lancer. You can make and receive calls within the push of your fingers. You can hear the caller via the audio system so you have your hands focused at driving.

Toowong Mitsubishi, the leading provider of Mitsubishi Service Brisbane clients trust, also displays the new Lancer with enhanced Rockford Fosgate Premium Audio System. The audio system allows you to listen to music and calls with sheer clarity and little noise. You can listen to your CD and mp3 music through sound surround speakers and 10-inch woofer.

Boost in Performance and Safety

Every driver loves to be behind the wheels if he trusts the vehicle to give him a reliable and safe ride. With the new Mitsubishi Lancer Brisbane options offered by Toowong Mitsubishi, you can experience a thrilling ride with paddle shift system built directly into the steering wheel. The race-inspired Lancer can be manipulated with full command and ease.

Mitsubishi servicing company Toowong also boasts of the new light system features of the Lancer. These include the dusk-sensing headlamps for a safe trip through tunnels or at night. The Lancer also features an adaptive front lighting system providing visibility as the car adjusts through corners and curves with high intensity. Aside from light sensitivity, the car is also sensitive to moisture and triggers the wipers on the windscreen automatically at the signal of rain.

Toowong Mitsubishi also surprises the new Mitsubishi Lancer drivers with the enhanced performance of the car. The Lancer brags of power, stability and flexibility. With increased power, quick-responding suspension and a rigid body construction, drivers can have full control of the car with ease even through bumps and curves. For more information, visit

People in the transport sector, especially those dealing with prime movers should know the risks and hazards they face on the job. That may help them together with other stakeholders in the industry develop means of reducing such risks. For instance, driving a long haulage vehicle, with a bigger weight and height, is different from handling a small personal car on the highway.

Owners of prime movers should ensure that drivers and their assistants are safe and secure on the highway by observing road rules and being proficient in their work. Here are some of the risks and hazards associated with long haulage vehicles.

Fatigue: most of prime movers are involved in long distance transport, covering several hundreds of miles. In such situations, the driver may feel fatigued at times, which can affect his ability to handle the vehicle efficiently on the road. With the weight of a long haulage vehicle, a slight opportunity of mishandling can lead to lack of stability and control.

Design of the vehicle: this is a major concern for the vehicle manufacturing industries. Comfort is a key concern to drivers of long haulage vehicles. To curb issues associated with heavy-duty trucks design, it is imperative for the manufacturers to design comfortable seats, cabin area, as well as other equipment that are necessary for controlling the vehicle. The aspect of comfort is essential for medium trucks as well.

Violence and harassment: this may be from the employer’s side and from the client’s side. From employer’s perspective, the driver is expected to maneuver his way in traffic, deliver faster, and probably get time to do another before the day ends. On the side of the client, there is pressure to deliver in time so he can pay cheaply. All these on the shoulder of the driver, can lead to confusion on the highway, calling for lack of concentration and ability to handle the vehicle effectively. For further details, visit UD Trucks!

Changes in job content: technological advancement comes with its challenges. Modern vehicles may have features that were not present in the older versions, making it a bit difficult to steer the vehicle properly on the road. To reduce risk associated with such problems, it is advisable for drivers of long haulage vehicles to undergo regular refresher courses to acquaint themselves with road codes and languages, as well as new technologies that may affect their driving.

Prime movers are essential in delivery of bulky goods. To buy heavy trucks that can give you good results in meeting customer’s objectives, you should buy your trucks from a recognized and licensed dealer. A reliable dealer will give you trucks of excellent quality that will meet your expectations. Buying heavy-duty trucks is a long-term investment that requires warranty on the product, to take care of any fault that may show up, whether in functionality, or in structural component.

It is also important to buy the trucks from a reliable dealer with a variety of vehicles from medium duty to long haulage vehicles. That can give you the opportunity to decide whether to buy new or used trucks, based on your budget. If you want to buy trucks in Australia, get information from this source