The huge tax revenue that comes with legalizing marijuana has been the biggest selling point. There have been huge growths in revenue realized by states and countries that have legalized marijuana.  This legalizing of marijuana has also created new employment opportunities for their citizens too. The marijuana jobs have popped up in every industry causing notable economic trend.

 At the moment, the medicinal marijuana jobs have outgrown the recreational jobs. This is because the number of states with legal medicinal cannabis jobs outnumbers the states with recreational marijuana jobs. Exciting, right? Well, if you were looking to get involved in this new employer, then you came to the right place. This write-up aims to enlighten you on the kind of jobs that legalization of marijuana has created.

  1. Glass Merchant

This is an industry that has existed for years. Nevertheless, cannabis users could not be targeted by it. This has changed so much over the last decade because creativity has birthed many innovations. These have managed to open up the cannabis users market for the glass merchants. These creative products include:

  •  Pipes
  •  Bongs
  •  More recently vaporizers

This is a business that is expected to grow exponentially as prohibition falls across the world. You can create your own devices by blowing glass, or you decide that marketing and selling the devices is a better choice of the available cannabis jobs. The fact is there will always be customers searching for these products to help them partake.

  1. Security

As the number of cannabis providers increases over time, retail locations start opening up. Another one of the marijuana jobs that is created here is Security provider. Security is definitely of paramount concern for many shop owners. Even though things have calmed down, most retailers have decided to keep security guards on staff. This is due to the negative image that has been etched in peoples’ minds regarding marijuana. So, whether these are retail or medicinal cannabis jobs in dispensaries, they should be taken with equally high seriousness.

  1. Software and web

Major online companies have come up due to the legalization of marijuana. Such companies include the likes of Leafly that have been trailblazers into online space in the marijuana industry. Others coming up include Viridian Sciences and WeedMaps.   Software to help these companies to run includes accounting software and product management systems. Check out CTU for more details.

  1. Reviewers

Looking for the most exciting job of all marijuana jobs? This is it! Websites like the previously mentioned  Leafly,  have become notable platforms for marijuana strain and information. They also allow consumers to get in on the action, in a yelp-like manner.   Strains of marijuana can definitely differ in multiple ways hence giving a wide array of effects.  This can also give rise to medicinal cannabis jobs. Patients need marijuana with high levels of THC or CBD strains.

  1. Edible Creator

The creation of edibles might be a dream job for many. There are a wide variety of creative marijuana edibles that are available. If you can think of it, there is probably a marijuana-infused version of that edible.  They range from beverages to fizzy drinks to baked goods to candy…the list goes on and on. Edible creation industry is very competitive hence it is much harder to get into. Depending on your skill level and creativity, edibles can be very profitable. for more information, visit at

Buying a new fridge in Australia can be quite costly. You will need to spend about 1799 dollars for a quality fridge and if you don’t have the money, then you need to look at other options. Worse is when you are planning to host an event and don’t have this kind of money as your guests deserve fresh food throughout the entire event. The good news is today there are plenty of companies in Melbourne that offers fridges Melbourne wide for hire that  you  can  use for the amount of time that you want for a small fee. This article takes a look at some of the benefits of hiring fridges in Melbourne.

There may be a need for a full set of well produced wedding invitations. A business requires a large number of professionally printed business cards, display folders, or letter headings. It is important to find a company that can deliver this service. Therefore, Melbourne Printing - Minuteman Press has a range of these services on offer.

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Services on Offer

There is a range of different printing options available. This could be for a large company or an individual. As a result, Melbourne Printing -Minuteman Press can supply a range of printing from business cards to full color posters. This is a sample of the services available:

  • Basic black and white printing: This is on either A4 or A3 paper. There is a colour printing option along with hole punching. This is printed on laser, “no bleed” paper. Quantities in excess of 10,000 sheets can be produced to order.
  • Posters: These range in size from A2, A1 through to A0. This includes UV colour printing as well as indoor digital and off set printing. A variety of printing papers can also be supplied. There is the option for either using a “print ready art work” or, requesting a graphic design service. The print order can be produced within a minimum of five days.
  • Presentation Folders: These are an important part in wanting to show off what a business has produced. This could also be used for an interview. A number of different options are available. These include using either a single sided or double sided format. Either digital or off set printing can be used. Art board paper is employed for the printing. Matt or gloss laminating is also offered. Again, “print ready art work” can be used or a folder can be specially designed by graphic designers.
  • Brochures: This is a good way to advertise a company. These can be in a reception, or placed on an office table. They can be produced either flat or folded. These can be produced using either off set or digital printing. A large range of different types of paper and paper sizes can be supplied. This product also comes with either ready to use art work, or using graphic designers.
  • Flyers: Along with brochures, flyers are an important way of publicizing any business. These can be readily available for customers or clients on the side of a table, for example. If a new retail business is being set up or an event is being held, then flyers can be handed out on the street. Unlike brochures, flyers are flat. However, printing can be done on one or both sides. These can be supplied in different paper sizes as well as types of paper. This includes recycled paper options. Again there are “turnkey” solutions readily available or specific requests can be discussed and realized with specialized graphic designers.
  • Letterheads: This is also an important part of presentation. There is an A4 and A5 paper size on offer. The paper that the letterhead would be printed on could be kings smooth, laser or recycled. A one or two colour printing option is also available.

With these, Melbourne Printing – Minuteman Press can work with businesses, organizations in order to provide the printing solutions they require. For more details, just visit

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Buying a Skoda vehicle is always a smart choice and with smart financing solutions, you will be able to acquire your favorite high performance vehicle without breaking the bank or deeply sinking into debt. There are financing options and packages which come with lots of features that will make your life a whole lot easier.

There are various kinds of financing options that you can get from a Skoda dealership. These include the following:-

  •          Personal Loans
  •          Personal Lease Options
  •          The Commercial Hire Purchase Option for your vehicle
  •          Chattel Mortgage
  •          Novated lease options

With these great financing options, it is now possible to get your hands on that new Skoda even with packages of 0% APR. The good thing about these financing options is that they generally offer you a one-stop shop where you can purchase your vehicle, get some financing and insurance all at one place.

Personal Financing for Your Skoda

At a Skoda dealership, you can get advantageous and personalized financing with great terms and repayments options. Financing can include an array of great and innovative features such as up-front deposits, packaging for salary and much more. With the right Skoda dealership, you will get great financing options that are precisely suited for your needs.

These great financing options will work well towards your repayments over an agreed period of time. These financing options are perfect for all kinds of buyers. Whether you are willing to put in a small up-front deposit or a large up-front, there will always be a unique option available at the most competitive rate in order to help you purchase your vehicle as soon as possible. With these competitive financing choices, you will be able to afford your car without much further ado.

When planning to buy your vehicle models, whether it is the Octiva or the Skoda Yeti, it is also important to check out if there are certain offers that the dealership is offering.  There is always the possibility that there are certain promotions or deals that will help you make lots of savings.

One company that offers a great array of used or new vehicles for sale, along with great financing options is the Brisbane City Skoda dealership. Here you can find a diverse array of Skoda models such as the Fabia, the Octiva, Rapid, Superb and Yeti among others. These come with great servicing packages that can extend for long durations of time helping you save on servicing fees. You can even test drive the vehicle at the dealership in order to determine if it is the right fit for you. See more of it here:

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