Hazards and Risks Associated with Prime Movers

People in the transport sector, especially those dealing with prime movers should know the risks and hazards they face on the job. That may help them together with other stakeholders in the industry develop means of reducing such risks. For instance, driving a long haulage vehicle, with a bigger weight and height, is different from handling a small personal car on the highway.

Owners of prime movers should ensure that drivers and their assistants are safe and secure on the highway by observing road rules and being proficient in their work. Here are some of the risks and hazards associated with long haulage vehicles.

Fatigue: most of prime movers are involved in long distance transport, covering several hundreds of miles. In such situations, the driver may feel fatigued at times, which can affect his ability to handle the vehicle efficiently on the road. With the weight of a long haulage vehicle, a slight opportunity of mishandling can lead to lack of stability and control.

Design of the vehicle: this is a major concern for the vehicle manufacturing industries. Comfort is a key concern to drivers of long haulage vehicles. To curb issues associated with heavy-duty trucks design, it is imperative for the manufacturers to design comfortable seats, cabin area, as well as other equipment that are necessary for controlling the vehicle. The aspect of comfort is essential for medium trucks as well.

Violence and harassment: this may be from the employer’s side and from the client’s side. From employer’s perspective, the driver is expected to maneuver his way in traffic, deliver faster, and probably get time to do another before the day ends. On the side of the client, there is pressure to deliver in time so he can pay cheaply. All these on the shoulder of the driver, can lead to confusion on the highway, calling for lack of concentration and ability to handle the vehicle effectively. For further details, visit UD Trucks!

Changes in job content: technological advancement comes with its challenges. Modern vehicles may have features that were not present in the older versions, making it a bit difficult to steer the vehicle properly on the road. To reduce risk associated with such problems, it is advisable for drivers of long haulage vehicles to undergo regular refresher courses to acquaint themselves with road codes and languages, as well as new technologies that may affect their driving.

Prime movers are essential in delivery of bulky goods. To buy heavy trucks that can give you good results in meeting customer’s objectives, you should buy your trucks from a recognized and licensed dealer. A reliable dealer will give you trucks of excellent quality that will meet your expectations. Buying heavy-duty trucks is a long-term investment that requires warranty on the product, to take care of any fault that may show up, whether in functionality, or in structural component.

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