The Art and Science of Law Firm SEO

In order to become a lawyer, you have to study for several years and pass the bar exam. After that, you set up a law firm to attract clients. But what if you are not getting the clients you expected to? In this day and age wherein the legal industry is as competitive as ever, you need to employ marketing and SEO for law firms in order to gain more leads and attract new clients.

SEO for law firms is both an art and science. It is a science in the sense that there are methodical steps you need to follow in order to achieve your goal, which in this case is to find new clients. But there is also an art to SEO such that your law firm marketing appears natural and that you do not shove your services down your prospect clients’ throats.

Your Website is The Foundation

Before you can start looking for a search engine optimization service to hire to market your legal services online, you need a website. This will serve as the foundation for all of your SEO efforts. It should not be just any type of foundation but a strong one. You need to properly optimize your website to include the targeted keywords or search terms that you want people to use to find your website. Geo-targeted keywords prove to be most effective when finding clients within your target area.

It is important to utilize these keywords and search terms in the content, website title, title tags and all of the tags on the images. It is a comprehensive process, which is why you need experts to handle the SEO for law firms. They can analyze your website’s current SEO performance and diagnose it accordingly before any further suggestions could be made. It might seem like a simple task from the surface but it can entail a lot of work!

Build Your Authority

Once your website is up and running, it is time to step out of your website and focus on marketing your brand. Specifically, your goal is to establish your authority as a legal expert. An important tip to consider for lawyers thinking about SEO on their website is that 30% of your SEO efforts will be hinged on your website. The rest are done outside of your website!

Social media management for law firms is considered as one of the best sub-categories for improving your SEO campaign. If you can set up your social media marketing campaign properly, it can be a good source of organic traffic and clients for your Good2bSocial firm. This is an entirely comprehensive topic of its own that needs to be fully addressed too.

This aspect of your marketing campaign is where the art comes in. In order to build your authority and expertise as a legal professional, you need to be creative and personal. You have to address your clients’ potential issues and do that on a personal level. After all, the SEO experts always say, you need to optimize your website for the people (your potential clients) not just for Google. A high-ranking website that offers no value to human readers is no good!