USA PGA Tour: A background

The United States love their gold and no one can deny that. They comprise almost 50 percent of the total number of golf courses in the world with 17,672 golf courses scattered around the United States. This love for golf is epitomized by the USA PGA tour. This tour organizes a series of flagship yearly golfing events that are played by the best golfers around the world and also goes by the moniker: the Champions tour. So, just in case you don’t know anything about the PGA tour, here are some things that will tell you what it is.

USA PGA tour

The History

The USA PGA tour was first launched in 1929 where the tournament players wanted to have a separate operation from club professionals. In the 1960’s it had an increased revenue because of the expansion in TV coverage which brought them endorsements and sponsorship. However, a little controversy concerning windfall distribution and monetary disputes with the PGA of America led the separation of the two golfer associations. The tour players wanted to have more money, the PGA on the other hand wanted the money to go to the pool to be used by the association for the welfare of the players. This series of events led to the separation of the American Professional Golfers, INC and the PGA of America.

The Tours

Due to the popularity of the USA PGA tour, some famous golfing events such as the major US golf tournaments (US Masters Golf Tournament, the U.S Open, The PGA championship and the Open Championship) are often misinterpreted as a part of the tour. The PGA tour encompasses six tours. Three of these tours are primarily done in the U.S.because this is where their biggest market is located and it is where it originated. The other three tours are done on some international developmental tours that aim to have contestants from other countries. Some of the tours that are included in the PGA tour banner are the following:

·         Champions tour (for golf players aged 50 and above, usually held in Canada)

· tour (a developmental tour usually hosted by either Panama, Chile, Brazil or Colombia)

·         PGA tour Latino America (hosted by 9 south American countries)

·         PGA tour China (launched in 2014, independent from the Chinese golf league)

Charity and Fund Raising

The PGA tours prove that they are not only the sport for the sophisticated and the classy gentleman, they also prove that they are also a sporting tour that cares for people. This is characterized by their events which are usually for the benefit of local charities and foundations. Because of this, in 2005, they started a movement that aims to push its fund raising pot money into a billion dollars. The said tour has reached the target a week before the end of the tour. The money amassed in the fund raising events were donated to charities.

Golf is indeed a beautiful sport. It has been around for quite some time and is still relevant since its birth in the 15th century. With that being said, whether you are watching the US Masters golf 2017 or any event for that matter, it is sure useful to know a little background about the event. Find out more at